Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dragons are big...

I thought elephants had a lot of skin when I did an elephant scratchboard. They aren't nothing on a dragon!

My friend Juliana is a regular attendee of Conventions in North America. She very kindly offered to help get my art seen by taking it with her and setting it up and taking it down and looking after it all for me! Many thanks to Juliana for her kindness :)

That brings us to the dragon. Conventions are Sci Fi and Fantasy, and in the last few years, other then mermaids, I haven't done a lot of either. So I'm using my past love (fantasy art) and my new love (scratchboard) and creating some art that's a little different.

I'm about a third of the way through the dragon picture, which is called "hatching day" and shows the mum dragon looking after her little ones as they hatch. I estimate another 20 - 25 hours should do it!

The next one is going to be SMALLER.

Anyway, here is a mask that I completed for the show, but it's been sold already so it's off to Canada to live.

Stay well!



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