Saturday, February 16, 2008

Water Lilies

After watching Ovations 3 part series "The Impressionists" I could stand it no longer and asked Zoe to take me to the Botanical gardens where we feasted our eyes on water lilies, water dragons, water birds (including the cutest little babies) and some ducks, as well as other plant life and a waterfall. It was cool and shady and beautiful and I loved it.

We found out that there is handicapped parking inside the front gate, but as the pond I wanted was up the top we parked up outside the university - Sunday, no one was there.

Then we came home and I've been pretending that I'm Monet ever since. I so wish I could take my paints to the water lilies and paint there, but the number of people there would scare me away.

Still, I'm having fun with my big round hogs hair brushes that I'm rechristening "impressionist brushes" and using a lot more paint then usual!


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